My Introduction to Whole30

In 2015, I was in for my annual exam and chatting with my doctor about nutrition and fitness as usual. But this time, she asked me if I’d heard of a program called Whole30. I hadn’t so she gave me a very high level explanation, wrote a website down on a piece of paper and sent me on my way. I made a little promise to myself to do this “Whole30 thing” sometime before I went back next summer. That piece of little paper with “whole30.com” on it stayed in my purse for almost 6 months before I finally pulled it out to investigate more.

At the beginning of 2016, I added “do Whole30” to my list of “31 Things”. This is a traditional “to do” list I make each year since my birthday is around the first of the year. The number of things matches what birthday it is, clever right? 🙂 I still hadn’t looked into it much, but thought “how bad can it be??” Little did I know what I’d signed up for…

Gearing Up for Round 1

Mid-March 2016, I decided to set a date for this and realized I should do a little more research. I quickly felt like maybe I shouldn’t have committed to this, but I’m also not a quitter, so I placed my order for both Whole30 books (Whole30 and It Starts With Food). My books came on a Friday, so I left work early to go check them out. I sat down on my couch to skim the first page — I didn’t move for 2 hours! Whole30 was so engaging! It was the Hartwigs, the program, everything. My excitement for the program was mounting and after reading the first 100 pages or so (in one sitting), I couldn’t wait to start my first round.

Four days later, I was ready to begin… It was a wild month, but I’m SOLD on this program. Want to know why? Check out my Whole30 Round 1 Results. After a month off, I was ready for Round #2! Check out my Day in the Life as I share my experience of Round #2 and extend it to 60 days. I hope it provides some encouragement and support if you are considering this amazing program.

Interested in the results? Here’s what happened for me after 30 days of Whole30!