Whole30: Day in the Life

Why Another Round?

Some people asked me, why in the WORLD I would do another round of Whole30 only a month after completing your first round? Great question. I asked myself that same thing as I committed to my Round 2. But here’s what happened after we finished Round 1… I did great for 3 weeks. Started with the slow roll reintroduction. Decided gluten and dairy weren’t worth how they made me feel. I opted for almond butter instead of peanut butter for the same reason. After the reintroduction, I ate Whole30 95% of the with the occasional treat here and there. No where near the horrible weekend binges that I used to have. Whole30 had definitely become part of my life.

Turning Point…

HankAnd then my English Bulldog took a turn for the worse. Hank was diagnosed with Lymphoma earlier in the year and after 3 months of smooth sailing for the most part, we had a really bad day that ended with my husband and I having to make that hard decision. We both had commitments right after we said our goodbyes, so we had to continue with our day, despite the pain.

As we wrapped up our separate commitments that night, I said to him over the phone through tears, “I just don’t think I have it in me to cook dinner tonight.” He said, “It’s ok baby, I can cook.” When he showed up to meet me at my mom’s house 45 minutes later, I noticed a faint orange mustache. Knowing him, I thought, He must have grabbed a slice of pizza. Then he lifted up a tin that had less than half of a cookie cake… He’d demolished most of it in the 2 mile drive from the store to my mom’s house!


And so began our 10 day binge… Food didn’t taste all that good at first, but then it was like our tastebuds bounced back to liking the processed foods. Also, I was used to having my little buddy under foot while cooking, tossing my scraps for him to gobble. Being in the kitchen was painful. I couldn’t even eat a banana because I didn’t have Hank running up to me for the last bite!

After a while, I found myself enjoying not having to cook… but I started to see my life as a whole was suffering from my lack of consistency and discipline. I became more lazy, less focused, and complacent. Part of that was grief, but it was also the terrible food. Crazy how something as simple as food can DRASTICALLY affect your entire life. Luckily, we had a few friends who’d decided to start their first rounds of Whole30, so we agreed to join them and squash our binging.

So, since I’m doing another round, and SO MANY PEOPLE have asked me about this crazy “diet” that I do, I decided to take a little bit better notes as I move through the next month. Hopefully you’ll enjoy my series: Whole30: Day in the Life.

You can also read more of my thoughts from my very first round here.

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